Welcome to my new site!

A first world war drone

Although I have been writing online for several years, this is my first site that has no stated affiliation with any group or association. Although I am an engineer at heart and by training, I have become very interested in public policy discussions over the past few years that involve new and emerging technology. I decided a few years ago to become more active in the public dialogue on technology policy because I believe the voices of technologists (such as myself) are often absent from the public discourse.

So, here are my standard disclaimers: the views expressed on this site are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions or positions of any group, employer, company or association that I am affiliated with. I reserve the right to amend or update any post or article if I discover that something I say is incorrect, or if I need to correct mistakes. My goal is to remain non-partisan and to focus on the important issues involved with public policy that impacts technology. I reserve all copyrights and other rights to my writing.

Welcome to my site and here we go!